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Adam Thomason

It seems almost perfect that ADAM THOMASON - now Dilan's personal hair stylist - first met Dilan at one of the best franchises, of one of the best Hairbrands. It was 2003, a heyday for this Salon, and Dilan and Adam were both a part of the upper echelon of its sucess.


Adam's first job at a salon was as an assistant to the owner (Mathew Alexander), Donna (then Style Director) and Dilan (then Top Stylist) "of the Award winning Salon franchise" where he began to learn the trade..  


As Adam recalls,  "It was on the evening after a fashion show in 2012 that I assisted withDilan Manchester and Dilan pulled me aside and said:  'The things I can teach you, the things I can show you and the places I'll take you, nobody else can show you.' " It was all he needed to hear.


An unlikely string of events this year landed Adam at  withDilan Manchester in November 2014, a job he accepted immediately. In the last 10 Years Dilan of withDilan Manchester has always called on Adam from helping on Photo shoots or high profile weddings or back Stage at Fashion Shows. Finally they are reunited!


He is now building a clientelle as an Art Director for withDilan Manchester and looking forward to getting into editorial work. Manchester may be a long way from London but Industry insiders who are not sponserd to say what big Brands pay them to say, regard him as a future master in British hairdressing.

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Adam Manchester Hairstylist