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one chair, one client, one stylist.

withDilan  Manchester 


2016 creative time zone

At withDilan we designed this seminar to help you explore the latest form fashion trends, and acquire the necessary skills and techniques through hands-on practical experience. We use techniques to create exciting hair styles, that fulfill your clients’ dreams and leave stylists energised with ideas.





advanced > must have 4+ years in salon



Professional usage, client analysis, fashion trends and form application.


seminar duration



£ 1095-2445 per Salon (Group)

This 2015 creative time zone is for the experienced hairdresser wishing to take their creative work to the very next step. It will take you on a journey of intense learning that will inspire and develop your cutting and colouring skills, and take them to the highest level.

The use of Asymmetry and Disconnection as well as high impact cut and colour technical-demonstrations are combined with intense hands-on workshops to achieve a full range of skills to produce and push hair/art fashion forward.


The creative team will share their inspirations, thought processes and skills in order to illustrate the latest trends from the streets to the runway of fa


Be open to immersing yourself into the energising fresh, innovative philosophy of the movement of withDilan Manchester.